The Lazy Parent’s Guide to Doing Christmas Right…ish… Ornament Edition

On Pinterest, you’ll find a plethora of adorable, time consuming ornament projects to fit every interest. This is not one of those posts. As I’ve said before, I try to keep my tree decorated with as little clean-up effort as necessary. I hate storing tons of heavy figurines, and plastic/glass balls, and I hate trying to take them off the tree when it’s time to put it away (or throw it away). Having said that, I do believe having decorations on the tree is fun and exciting! Because of this, I’ve come up with one of our family’s FAVORITE Christmas traditions: ornament making! Now stick with me, I know you’re wondering how I’m going to make MAKING ornaments minimal effort, but that’s the beauty of years of procrastination. It gets perfected in such a way, that even effort is less effort. Let me explain:
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The Lazy Parent’s Guide to Doing Christmas Right…ish… Tree Trimming Edition

Nothing instills such conflicted emotions in me as the glorious Christmas Tree. While I love it as a staple of the season, and I love decorating it (in theory) there are so many things I HATE about this stupid plant. From the waste of time it is to unwrap the ornaments, to the infuriating task of putting all those ridiculous little things away again, it’s probably one of my biggest headaches of the season. That’s why I’ve put together this minimal effort tree-trimming guide to destress the process and make the tree fun again.
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The Lazy Parent’s Guide to Doing Christmas Right…ish… Activities Edition

Every family has different traditions for the holidays. From Christmas Eve pajamas, to Caroling to that creepy Elf. (I’ll admit it. We try to do the elf. Mostly it involves me forgetting until my daughter wakes up, stalling, and then throwing it across the room to it’s “new” resting place.) I’m a lazy, busy procrastinator, though, so my favorite activities are the ones that involve little to no planning, and even less materials. Here’s a few great ideas with a BONUS printable activity advent calendar, so you don’t have to do ANY planning whatsoever! Continue reading The Lazy Parent’s Guide to Doing Christmas Right…ish… Activities Edition

The Lazy Parent’s Guide to Doing Christmas Right…ish… Decorating Edition

Let me begin by saying I absolutely LOVE the holidays. I love the idea of decorating, of having little family traditions, of the magic and wonder associated with them, LOVE the holidays.  What I do -not- love is the actual execution and take-down of the wonders associated with the holidays. I hate taking a huge tree in and out of my house, I hate taking down lights, I hate removing all those stupid little ornaments off of my tree, hate it. SO I made a no-fuss guide to Christmas where you can do the bare minimum, AND still love the holidays.
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Ditching Negativity

I have been rehearing weekly for my role in the New Jersey Renaissance Faire! Because of this, I have been reviewing the miraculous power of Yes, And! Not only is it imperative to really embrace and utilize the power of Yes, And in the Ren Faire community, but it’s also important in my LARP life, as well as my everyday life. The very basic jist of Yes, And is that rather than saying “no” or otherwise not being receptive to an interaction, instead, you accept it (the “yes”) and then add your personal flair to it (the “and”). Doing your best to embrace the “Yes, And” not only makes your improv acting easier, but it will also make your regular life interactions easier as well.

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Whatever You Do, Don’t Say Something…Weird

The amount of times I’ve been told to “just be myself” is pretty astronomical. Most of my friends can deal with my ramblings about TV shows I watch, shows I’m in, or my favorite music (Hamilton, my favorite music is pretty much still just Hamilton.) But as a Grown Ass Adult, sometimes, it’s necessary to tone down my weirdness and be the “cool, unique person” rather than the “absolute psycho we should probably stay away from” Especially being a parent. As a mom (or dad…or guardian) sometimes, you have to interact with normal people, who may have younglings that interact with your kids regularly. This can be a daunting task, so much so that I usually fail. Either I don’t commit enough to the conversation, and then I’m distant and unengaging, OR I just speed along that line and become the person who is just WAY to into the conversation. Or, even worse…I pretend to know what someone is talking about, thinking they’re merely making small talk, only to find out that they’re going way further into this conversation and now I’m way deeper down the rabbit hole than I ever wanted to be.

So here’s my gift to you: Some phrases you can use in casual conversation that will help you portray a normal person, and help you keep the conversation at a level you’re comfortable with.

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Our Healthy Habits

In our March 28th stream, we talked about the apps and sites that keep us active and healthy! Here’s the list of resources we promised you!

Zombies Run: A story you can participate in, where you are a runner in the zombie apocalypse. You gain items to help your town, and have the option of engaging in Zombie “Chases” that encourage you to speed up along your way!

US Quidditch: Find a team by you, and play this full-contact co-ed sport! Not for the fearful or faint of heart, but definitely for Sports Lovers and Harry Potter lovers alike!

Geocaching: There are millions of geocaches hidden around the world—there are probably some near you right now. For all ages and skill levels, and fun to do with a group!

Virtual 5k: There are plenty of races and teams to join, and you can finish at your own pace!

Charity Miles: Open this app in conjunction with other movement trackers to contribute money (via sponsors) to the charity of your choice!

Have any other nerdy fitness things that you do to keep healthy? Let us know in the comments!

Milk, Bread, and Eggs

Maybe a few other things! Everyone always goes out for Milk, Bread and Eggs during snow storms, but why? DO we all anticipate a craving for French Toast? Maybe…but here’s some other ideas (along with our Grown Ass Adult Things to Keep Stocked In Your Pantry and a few other ingredients to make your snow day food unique!

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Grown Ass Adult Things to do on a Snowday!

Here in NJ there’s snow on the ground! (Even though yesterday it was 68degrees…climate change, much?) But whether you’re snowed in (or just pretending) here’s some great ideas on how to have fun during cold and snowy weather!

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