Commercial Break Chores: Dishes

And here we go again. Nobody likes doing dishes. I defy you to find me a roommate who likes doing dishes (please?) but they need to get done. Here’s your way to do those dishes, and still get your TV-time in! BONUS HINT: don’t have too many dishes. Yeah, I know, sounds wacky…but if you only have 1-2 of everything necessary for eating, it won’t get overwhelming. Take one step every break.


With a Dishwasher

  1. Empty dishwasher, put things away as you pull them out.
  2. Rinse off and dump things that will be going into your dishwasher.
  3. Load your bottom shelf. Plates, cookware, and utensils. When putting things in, use designated rack spaces, and try not to take up lateral space. Your dishwasher shoots jets of water from UNDER the racks, so if you take up a lot of horizontal real estate, things won’t be cleaned properly. Don’t put plastic on the bottom rack.
  4. Load your top shelf. Don’t over load, or things will NOT get clean. Top shelf is the best place for cups and plastic storage containers.
  5. Put your (specifically dishwasher soap) into the designated areas. Turn washer on.
  6. Repeat as necessary. Try not to let it get as bad as it was. Fail at that, and use this list in two days!

No Dishwasher

  1. Clear out your drying rack. Don’t lie to me…it’s not empty…I -have- a dishwasher, and my drying rack isn’t empty.
  2. Dump out old food and standing water. Try to make sense of what’s going on. Put the cooking pots on the stove for now, to make room. Stack the plates and bowls. Put cups together. Put all silverware inside a cup or two, so they’re all together. Wash hands, because that was likely very gross.
  3. Grab a sponge/brush/rag and work. Do bowls first, then cups. Place them in drying rack.
  4. Wash your plates. Dry them off with a towel, and put them back right away.
  5. Wash silverware and put in silverware spot in drying rack.
  6. Put cookware in sink. If there’s gross caked on stuff, let it “soak” (Soaking is not an all day thing. When the water is cold…it’s just gross.)
  7. Dry your bowls and cups. Put them away.
  8. Wash your cookware. Put in drying rack
  9. Put Silverware away.
  10. Finish drying cookware. Put away.
  11. You’re done!

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