Inexpensive Kid’s Gift Ideas

So we already went over what NOT to give to your friends kids, now you’re at a loss for gifts, AND your broke! What should you do? Check out this list of appropriate gift ideas that won’t break the bank!

  1. Books! Board books for super little ones, and age appropriate ones as they go. It’s ok to do quantity over quality, since they will most likely be ripped, folded, lost, colored on, and chewed. (You heard me)
  2. DVDs. Kids like having adult things, and Adults like having a new DVD to watch every once in a while. Win Win
  3. Bath Stuff. Yeah, it’s practical. But even the Dollar Tree has recognizable characters on their bubble bath, and kids go through SO MUCH bath stuff.
  4. Hats, Mittens, Scarves. These get lost so often, it’s great to have a few extra pairs.
  5. Hair Ties/Brushes/Barrettes/Headbands whether for dolls or for kids, these are things that get lost easily, are always useful, and there’s a lot, so you look super cool. (Get the ones with characters or jewels on them!)
  6. Chapstick. Get a few chapsticks with cool flavors and characters on them!
  7. Pretend jewelry. Necklaces, rings, pirate earrings, bandannas, etc.
  8. Keychains. These go on backpacks, and show people  how cool you are.
  9. Gift Cards. Even if it’s a $5 Dollar Tree gift cards, kids like pretending they’re grownups, and picking out and paying for their own crap makes you AND the parent look super cool.
  10. A tshirt or pajama set with their favorite character or something they love on it! Plain or unrecognizable characters aren’t as special as a Tshirt for a kid in Dance class that says “I love to dance!” or a Tonka shirt for a kid who loves trucks.
  11. Hit up groupon and grab them some inexpensive tickets to a local event or fun place to go (bounce houses, museums, zoos etc) This is awesome because it cuts down on the amount of items that need to be cleaned up, PLUS kids tend to remember trips more than toys.

That wasn’t so hard was it? If you want to take a little extra effort, grab a bucket or basket the kid would enjoy, and pick a few items to wrap up.

Kids love wrapping paper. Bags are cool, but man, ripping wrapping paper off is the best thing in the world!


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