Get Those Kids to Pull Their Weight!

I have tried everything to get my 7 year old to do her chores with minimal complaint. I’ve tried allowance, reward pebble jar, sticker chart, anything and everything.

Today, my step-daughter begged me to do extra chores, made sure everything was perfect, and her room is completely neat and clean. How? Tech Time.

We have an old cell phone that we’ve loaded with games for her to play, and in order to gain time on her Tech, she was given a list of chores that corresponded to time increments. (Homework is done? Get 1 hour of Tech Time!) Now, she’s excited to do chores, and we don’t feel bad about her going glassy-eyed in front of an electronic device for most of her life.

Here is her Tech Chart! Feel free to use it yourself, or make one of your own!


Tell us in the comments what chores YOUR kids do!


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