Moving Day Giving

My friend is moving, and I want to get something to bring over to their new place. I don’t have a lot of money, and I’m not sure what they’ll need. Any advice?

Sure do! The thing about getting stuff for people who are moving is that they usually either have -everything- they need, or -nothing- they need. Generally, people will ask if they need something and don’t have it. So just showing up with dishes, or a toaster, is a gamble.

Taking a small budget into account, here are some things that are very useful for a new place, but often forgotten until the last moment:

  1. A plunger, toilet brush, and air deodorizer. My first place, we totally forgot a plunger…until my roommate was (ahem) on the toilet. Uh.Oh.
  2. Cleaning Supplies. Window Cleaner, counter cleaner, sponges, dish washing soap, mop, broom, bucket, floor cleaner, carpet refresher. All things that WILL be needed, but will likely be forgotten
  3. Batteries and Lightbulbs/ Lamps. Did you know that some places don’t come with overhead lights? You have to bring your own lamps… I did not know that…until I moved into my first apartment. That was a very dark night, doing things by the glow of a TV and the Kitchen and Bathroom lights respectively…
  4. Gift Cards for food. Nobody wants to cook the first few days they move in. If you don’t want to cook for the friend, bring over some gift card options for places in their new area!
  5. Ziplock Bags, Aluminum Foil, Clear Plastic Wrap, Trash Bags. Along with paper plates and cups, and plastic utensils, these are the items an exhausted new home buyer (or renter) will wish they had in order to make eating and cleaning way easier. (Seriously, you can never have too many trash bags)
  6. Napkins, Tissues, Toilet Paper. Again. Easily forgotten, very necessary.
  7. Yourself…to help pick things up and put them down. Manpower is so necessary when moving. Bring some bagels or coffee, and show up to help. Even if you can’t lift things, you can open boxes and put things away. You could be the person to run out and get trashbags and pizza and batteries. Mostly, just be there. Moving is a big step, and if you can get out there to help, do it!

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