What You DON’T Need For Your Party

So, when planning a party, get together, shin dig, hootenanny, or what have you, there are certain things you actually need. Things like food, places to sit, things to put food on are necessary for keeping guests comfortable and happy. But the financial and psychological cost of all the minor details normally associated with a party really add up. That’s why I’ve put together this list of ridiculous things that people think you need for your party that you really don’t.

  1. Paper Invitations. Unless it’s a wedding or an 8yr old’s birthday party, you do NOT need paper invitations. What you need is a facebook page, an email, or a phone number. Save the environment, and the hassle of getting people’s addresses, and just make a Facebook event, and shoot a text to those who don’t have Facebook.
  2. Kids Games. Again, if it’s not a kid’s party, you don’t need games. Put the Twister board down, Debbie. Let people mingle. If people are bored, change your playlist. Unless you hate every guest at your party, then by all means, force them to engage in a horrible round of “Themed Bingo.” There are a few games I may recommend if you only know boring people…more on that in another post, though.
  3. Themed drinks. The novelty of your homemade Butterbeer will wear off quick, it’ll spill all over the place, and either no one will drink it, or there won’t be enough to go around. That’s just Murphy’s Law of beverages. Have some soda, juice, and some general alcohol, and let people make their own cocktails. Your them could be “You’re a Grown Ass Adult, drink what you want”
  4. Napkin Rings. Also, cloth napkins. Face it, you’re not going to do that laundry.
  5. Party Favors. Remember what I said before about weddings and kids parties? Nobody needs to walk out of your house with a mini bag of m&ms with your face on them that says “thanks for coming!” Nobody.

Ultimately, it’s your party. But if you want to save some money, here’s where to cut into that budget.


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