Don’t Get Parent Friends These Things

Parents are people, too. At one point in time, they had lives outside of their sticky doppelgangers, and deep down inside, they still sometimes feel like those people are still there. It’s not easy to decide what to give to your friends who have kids, but hopefully, this guide will help you out with what to avoid.

  1. Something irrelevant. If they never liked cooking, don’t get them a kitchen gadget. If they weren’t a “bubble bath” person before…they probably aren’t now either.
  2. A “How To Parent” book. Unless they specifically ask for it, this is just insulting. You’re better off showing up with unwashed kale.
  3. A decorative piece that doesn’t go with their style. Some people don’t have a decorative trend for their house, and that’s cool. But if your friends do, don’t get a decorative clock or piece of wall art if there’s no logical place for it…
  4. A gift for their kids. A gift for the kid is not a gift for the parent. By all means, get the kid something, but don’t give it under the illusion that its for the parent…
  5. Candles/plaques/statues. Maybe it’s just me…but these gifts always seem really impersonal and last minute.

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