Inexpensive FIRST Dates

Peruse Pinterest or Google, and you’ll definitely find yourself some good dates for already established couples who know each other and need to do something cheap. There are fewer plans for broke-single people who are looking to invite a special person out on a first date…without giving up eating for a week to do so. So, here’s a list of ideas for those looking for an inexpensive first date, that doesn’t come off as cheap…

  1. Grab Coffee. Go to a local coffee shop (or Starbucks) and pick up some coffee. Sit down with each other, listen to the music, and see where it goes. Who knows…it may lead to something else on the list 😉 which is why my next suggestion is
  2. Visit a historic section of a local town. It’s a cute thing to do, no strings attached. If you want to buy things you CAN, but mostly it’s about looking in cute places and going “I had no idea this was even here!”
  3. Visit a park. Not a boring one. Find a park with walking trails, a duck pond, or a living history aspect to it. Old battlegrounds and farms are sometimes turned into public parks, with super neat things in them. (Bonus, if it’s snowing, there’s usually some good sledding hills)(Bonus BONUS, if you play Pokemon GO, or Ingress, there’s usually a bunch of portals/gyms etc in these spots)
  4. Most movie theaters have a day/night that they do inexpensive showings. Check them out!
  5. Plenty of pubs and coffee shops have bands playing at night, or karaoke night. Go after dinner, and just get a drink, or some coffee.
  6. Go to an icecream shop and get some fun ice cream!

Be creative, and treat your date like a cool friend! This will help you think of a good place to take them, AND calm those awkward first date jitters!


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