Grown Ass Adult Things to do on a Snowday!

Here in NJ there’s snow on the ground! (Even though yesterday it was 68degrees…climate change, much?) But whether you’re snowed in (or just pretending) here’s some great ideas on how to have fun during cold and snowy weather!

  1. Play some board games! Here are some of our favorites:
  2. Binge a season of a new show on Netflix, Hulu, or OnDemand! (And Clean Your House while you’re at it!)
  3. Craft, or make some cosplay/LARP/Renaissance pieces for your next event. (Check out the GarbMaven Blog for some simple, accessible ideas)
  4. Get to reading your favorite book (or discover a new favorite!) Here are some of our picks (Available on Kindle, so you don’t have to leave the house!):
  5. Color in a REALLY adult Coloring book like this one
  6. Look to the internet for your favorite games! Check these out
    • Pandemic (Good luck with Madagascar, though…if someone sneezes in Canada, Madagascar shuts down it’s borders)
    • League of Legends (If you can wade through the sea of Trolls and Jerks, it’s fun!)
  7. Find some simple recipes and practice your cooking/baking/decorating skills! (Tag us on facebook whether it’s a success or a fail!)
  8. Uh, go out and build snow forts and have a snowball fight, duh!
  9. Get to writing! Do some online RP, or write a story, continue a novel…do something creative!
  10. Idk, Sleep in? Probably the most Grown Up Thing to Do…

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