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Grown Ass Adult Things to do on a Snowday!

Here in NJ there’s snow on the ground! (Even though yesterday it was 68degrees…climate change, much?) But whether you’re snowed in (or just pretending) here’s some great ideas on how to have fun during cold and snowy weather!

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Geeky Holiday Specials to Watch

When the holidays roll around, most people reach for their go to christmas classics. Home Alone, Rudolph, A Christmas Story…Die Hard…but after a while, those start to get tired. Our love for the classics are rooted in nostalgia, but it’s time for a reboot. I asked the other Grown Ass Adults what their favorite Holiday TV episodes were, so you can have a very Geeky Holiday Season.

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My Weird Home “Issues”

So, after moving into and out of many, many places, I have compiled a short list of (apparently) weird “things” I have about kids, pets, cleaning, and decorating. Apparently, most normal people feel either the complete opposite about these issues, or don’t even think of them at all. But here they are…

Me, judging myself over my weird house rules…

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