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Milk, Bread, and Eggs

Maybe a few other things! Everyone always goes out for Milk, Bread and Eggs during snow storms, but why? DO we all anticipate a craving for French Toast? Maybe…but here’s some other ideas (along with our Grown Ass Adult Things to Keep Stocked In Your Pantry and a few other ingredients to make your snow day food unique!

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Chicken Pasta Casserole

Big flavor, totally customizeable, and very little prep! These ideas will fill you up, and are super nice on your budget! I know casseroles have a bad rep, but throw all those connotations aside, because these ideas will save your wallet, and your taste buds at the same time!

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Grown Ass Adult Things to Keep Stocked In Your Pantry

I honestly think that the Grown-Ass-Adultiest thing to happen is when you’re pretty darn broke until payday, and also, you have no food in your house. It’s the WORST. What I do to preemptively combat that situation (no, it’s not make more money or spend money better, lol!) is to stock up on good pantry stuff as the year progresses, so when I’m totally out of money, I still have food to hold me over until I get money. What follows is a list of my out-of-funds food list, and during the month of January, I’ll post some easy to follow dump recipes to make meals from those ingredients. (Keep checking back, the list is pretty dynamic!)

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Potluck Pro: Chips and Dip!

Potluck is a great way to save money, but for some people, it’s a HUGE source of anxiety, especially if you don’t know what to make, have no kitchen skills, or have limited funds. Well, fear not, friends! In this issue of Potluck Pro, we’ll go over some super simple dip recipes, and the best chips to bring with them!

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