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Ditching Negativity

I have been rehearing weekly for my role in the New Jersey Renaissance Faire! Because of this, I have been reviewing the miraculous power of Yes, And! Not only is it imperative to really embrace and utilize the power of Yes, And in the Ren Faire community, but it’s also important in my LARP life, as well as my everyday life. The very basic jist of Yes, And is that rather than saying “no” or otherwise not being receptive to an interaction, instead, you accept it (the “yes”) and then add your personal flair to it (the “and”). Doing your best to embrace the “Yes, And” not only makes your improv acting easier, but it will also make your regular life interactions easier as well.

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Whatever You Do, Don’t Say Something…Weird

The amount of times I’ve been told to “just be myself” is pretty astronomical. Most of my friends can deal with my ramblings about TV shows I watch, shows I’m in, or my favorite music (Hamilton, my favorite music is pretty much still just Hamilton.) But as a Grown Ass Adult, sometimes, it’s necessary to tone down my weirdness and be the “cool, unique person” rather than the “absolute psycho we should probably stay away from” Especially being a parent. As a mom (or dad…or guardian) sometimes, you have to interact with normal people, who may have younglings that interact with your kids regularly. This can be a daunting task, so much so that I usually fail. Either I don’t commit enough to the conversation, and then I’m distant and unengaging, OR I just speed along that line and become the person who is just WAY to into the conversation. Or, even worse…I pretend to know what someone is talking about, thinking they’re merely making small talk, only to find out that they’re going way further into this conversation and now I’m way deeper down the rabbit hole than I ever wanted to be.

So here’s my gift to you: Some phrases you can use in casual conversation that will help you portray a normal person, and help you keep the conversation at a level you’re comfortable with.

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Inexpensive FIRST Dates

Peruse Pinterest or Google, and you’ll definitely find yourself some good dates for already established couples who know each other and need to do something cheap. There are fewer plans for broke-single people who are looking to invite a special person out on a first date…without giving up eating for a week to do so. So, here’s a list of ideas for those looking for an inexpensive first date, that doesn’t come off as cheap…

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Don’t Get Parent Friends These Things

Parents are people, too. At one point in time, they had lives outside of their sticky doppelgangers, and deep down inside, they still sometimes feel like those people are still there. It’s not easy to decide what to give to your friends who have kids, but hopefully, this guide will help you out with what to avoid.

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What You DON’T Need For Your Party

So, when planning a party, get together, shin dig, hootenanny, or what have you, there are certain things you actually need. Things like food, places to sit, things to put food on are necessary for keeping guests comfortable and happy. But the financial and psychological cost of all the minor details normally associated with a party really add up. That’s why I’ve put together this list of ridiculous things that people think you need for your party that you really don’t.

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Holiday Parties for the Cheap, but Still Fun

Whether you celebrate one of the upcoming winter holidays or not (It’s Festivus for the Rest of Us!), it can be stressful to think of all of the get-togethers that come with them. But fear not, you can still plan a great, fun party, well within everyone’s budget! This will be a series over the next few days on how to throw the best holiday shindig for the least money! First, your theme!

My brother’s dog, Aoiffe, ready for the holidays!

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