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Our Healthy Habits

In our March 28th stream, we talked about the apps and sites that keep us active and healthy! Here’s the list of resources we promised you!

Zombies Run: A story you can participate in, where you are a runner in the zombie apocalypse. You gain items to help your town, and have the option of engaging in Zombie “Chases” that encourage you to speed up along your way!

US Quidditch: Find a team by you, and play this full-contact co-ed sport! Not for the fearful or faint of heart, but definitely for Sports Lovers and Harry Potter lovers alike!

Geocaching: There are millions of geocaches hidden around the world—there are probably some near you right now. For all ages and skill levels, and fun to do with a group!

Virtual 5k: There are plenty of races and teams to join, and you can finish at your own pace!

Charity Miles: Open this app in conjunction with other movement trackers to contribute money (via sponsors) to the charity of your choice!

Have any other nerdy fitness things that you do to keep healthy? Let us know in the comments!


Grown Ass Adult Things to do on a Snowday!

Here in NJ there’s snow on the ground! (Even though yesterday it was 68degrees…climate change, much?) But whether you’re snowed in (or just pretending) here’s some great ideas on how to have fun during cold and snowy weather!

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Don’t Get Parent Friends These Things

Parents are people, too. At one point in time, they had lives outside of their sticky doppelgangers, and deep down inside, they still sometimes feel like those people are still there. It’s not easy to decide what to give to your friends who have kids, but hopefully, this guide will help you out with what to avoid.

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