Potluck Pro: Cookies!

Have a cookie exchange you need to bring cookies to? Want to show off your ingenuity, despite your lack of skill and creativity? Look no further. Here is a list of fun ingredients you can add into premade cookie dough to revamp your snacks into something new and exciting!

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Don’t Get Parent Friends These Things

Parents are people, too. At one point in time, they had lives outside of their sticky doppelgangers, and deep down inside, they still sometimes feel like those people are still there. It’s not easy to decide what to give to your friends who have kids, but hopefully, this guide will help you out with what to avoid.

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Geeky Holiday Specials to Watch

When the holidays roll around, most people reach for their go to christmas classics. Home Alone, Rudolph, A Christmas Story…Die Hard…but after a while, those start to get tired. Our love for the classics are rooted in nostalgia, but it’s time for a reboot. I asked the other Grown Ass Adults what their favorite Holiday TV episodes were, so you can have a very Geeky Holiday Season.

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What You DON’T Need For Your Party

So, when planning a party, get together, shin dig, hootenanny, or what have you, there are certain things you actually need. Things like food, places to sit, things to put food on are necessary for keeping guests comfortable and happy. But the financial and psychological cost of all the minor details normally associated with a party really add up. That’s why I’ve put together this list of ridiculous things that people think you need for your party that you really don’t.

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Potluck Pro: Chips and Dip!

Potluck is a great way to save money, but for some people, it’s a HUGE source of anxiety, especially if you don’t know what to make, have no kitchen skills, or have limited funds. Well, fear not, friends! In this issue of Potluck Pro, we’ll go over some super simple dip recipes, and the best chips to bring with them!

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Holiday Parties for the Cheap, but Still Fun

Whether you celebrate one of the upcoming winter holidays or not (It’s Festivus for the Rest of Us!), it can be stressful to think of all of the get-togethers that come with them. But fear not, you can still plan a great, fun party, well within everyone’s budget! This will be a series over the next few days on how to throw the best holiday shindig for the least money! First, your theme!

My brother’s dog, Aoiffe, ready for the holidays!

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My Weird Home “Issues”

So, after moving into and out of many, many places, I have compiled a short list of (apparently) weird “things” I have about kids, pets, cleaning, and decorating. Apparently, most normal people feel either the complete opposite about these issues, or don’t even think of them at all. But here they are…

Me, judging myself over my weird house rules…

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